Runners Day - Edition 4

Runners Day is a celebrated reminder of the compassion, strong will and victorious endeavours of the legendary runners all across the globe who glorified their hard work with flying colours.
The fourth Edition is all set to be celebrated as Runners Day on 11th July - Shivnath Singh birthday! A souvenir to the legend who left a yet unbreakable record of 2:12:00 hrs set in 1978, this day embarks as the memoir of his glorious victories and passion for the sport.
A Remarkable Day celebrated for the compassionate and Legendary runners who dignify their hard work across the Globe. Celebrating this day on 11th July every year is an endeavor to take ahead their legacy and showcase our gratitude to one of the India’s best distance runners, Arjun awardee and former Asian games Gold medalist – Late Shivnath Singh
Celebrate this day on 11th July by running together as one.

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event details

  • Type: Virtual
  • Start Time: Jul 11,2023 04:00
  • Finish Time: Jul 11,2023 23:55
  • Location: Global
  • Venue: Anywhere